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Eight different organizations make up the Los Angeles Workforce Funder Collaborative (LAWFC), with one common vision - to create a thriving workforce system which meets the needs of all in Greater Los Angeles. The LAWFC was launched in 2007 to address critical challenges facing our workforce development system by leveraging funding to invest in workforce development and work together to affect policy and systems change. The LAWFC has chosen a sector approach to ensure its investments prepare people for employment in industries where jobs exist, are not likely to be outsourced, and provide good incomes and opportunities for career advancement. These sectors are: Healthcare and Allied Health; Logistics/Goods Movement; and Construction and Building Trades.

By investing in these three sectors, LAWFC aims to create a regional environment in which job security and career advancement opportunities are readily available to low-wage workers while also meeting the workforce needs of those key industry sectors. For more information, go to http://www.laworkforcefunders.org.

Funding from the LAWFC supports the PVJOBS Core Program. Clients who are enrolled in the PVJOBS Core Program are automatically enrolled in the LAWFC Program enabling expanded client services.



Referral from a collaborating agency and at least one of the following barriers to employment at the time of enrollment is necessary for program entrance:



Contact a collaborating agency and obtain an Application for Referral to PVJOBS. You may contact us for assistance in locating an appropriate collaborator. Then attend an orientation held every Thursday (excluding holidays) at 10 a.m. at 4112 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037. Once this is complete, a one-on-one interview will be scheduled for an assessment and interview. You will then be enrolled in both the PVJOBS Core Program and the LAWFC Program.

Once enrolled, your information will be input into our database. As we get requests from contractors, we search the database to find the appropriate client with the correct residency requirement for the project and the specific skills sets needed by the employer. Appropriate clients then are either referred to the contractor for interview (if required) or dispatched. For union employers you will be referred to the union for indenture. As necessary, PVJOBS may provide assistance for tools, union initiation fees, clothing etc. will be available.



Client Outreach Core Program Brochure (English) [PDF: 3.28MB]
Client Outreach Core Program Brochure (Spanish) [PDF: 3.25MB]
Employer Outreach [PDF: 3.08MB] Core Program Brochure.


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