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PVJOBS LACCD Interns Program

The LACCD Interns Program is designed to expand educational opportunities at all nine Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) campuses by providing internship opportunities to qualified students.  Almost all of the internships are paid and part-time. The program has been operated for the LACCD by PVJOBS since 2004, and over 1,400 paid student internship positions have been filled.

With more than $5.7 billion in voter-approved bonds to modernize its nine campuses, LACCD's Sustainable Building Program is one of the nation's largest green construction efforts. The District has received numerous awards for its environmentally responsible construction projects.

PVJOBS operates the interns program for the LACCD, working with bond-related companies, contractors and subcontractors to create internships in a wide range of occupations: e.g. architecture, construction, engineers, graphics, customer service and business management.



To qualify for a student intern position, students must be enrolled in at least six (6) units for any upcoming, current or most recent semester at any one of LACCD’s nine campuses.  An application and resume must also be completed online and a Faculty Referral must be provided.



Begin by applying on line at www.laccdinterns.org. There you will also be able to complete a resume and obtain instructions for getting a Faculty Referral. Once the application process is complete, LACCD Interns Program staff will query the database of complete applications to match your interests and career-goals with available opportunities. Your resume will be submitted to appropriate bond related companies that match your interests and aspirations. The employer reviews submitted resumes and selects students for interview. Note that it is up to the employer to select which student is interviewed for potential hire. Students in the program may be eligible for supportive services (e.g. transportation, child care, etc.) as necessary once employment is established.



LACCD Interns Brochure [PDF: 3.51MB]

Program Disclaimer [PDF: 12KB]

Employer Outreach [PDF: 3.08MB]

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