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Programs PVJOBS Core Program


The Core Program is a gateway to all of the construction projects with which PVJOBS works. Job candidates enrolling in the Core Program may obtain employment at development projects for Playa Vista, Los Angeles Community College District, City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, among others.

To participate in the Core Program, job candidates must be referred by a PVJOBS collaborating agency and have at least one of the following employment barriers during the time of enrollment:

Once enrolled, job applicants are added to a database so they can be notified about upcoming job training and employment opportunities. Job applicants also can be referred to unions for jobs requiring union membership. When necessary, PVJOBS provides assistance for tools, union initiation fees or clothing for workers.



Client Outreach Core Program Brochure (English) [PDF: 3.28MB]
Client Outreach Core Program Brochure (Spanish) [PDF: 3.25MB]
Employer Outreach [PDF: 3.08MB] Core Program Brochure.


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