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Programs e7 Architectural Studio

Programs e7 Architectural Studio

The e7 Architecture Studio provides paid student internships to students of the Los Angeles Community College District. The e7 Architecture Studio helps to enrich the Los Angeles Community College District's effort to build more considerately, intelligently, safely and sustainably, while at the same time providing a work experience that is relevant to student's course of study. As an integrated educational model, e7 dedicates itself to a range of projects and is composed of five distinct internship teams, each team led by professional staff:


To view some of the work e7 Architecture studio is doing, visit http://streaming.e7studio.net/?display=01C#



Students who enroll in the LACCD Interns Program are eligible to work at the e7 Architecture Studio.



Once enrolled in the LACCD Interns Program, program staff will query the database of completed applications to match your interests and career-goals with available opportunities, including work at the e7 Architecture Studio. If you have the necessary skills sets and/or fields of study, your resume will be forwarded to e7 program staff for possible interview and hire.

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