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Creating meaningful social change through coordinated services and career development
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For Participants

PVJOBS For Job Seekers

PVJOBS (Playa Vista Job Opportunities and Business Services) is a non-profit organization providing construction-related job placement opportunities for disadvantaged youth and adults. All services are free to job seekers.

 Resource Room

This area is free for the public to use in self-directed job searches. There is access to internet connected computers, phones, fax and print resources to assist in finding employment. Job lead and job fair fliers are also posted in this area. The resource room is at our main office (4112 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90037) and is open and available from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

 Full Time Employment

PVJOBS offers a variety of employment opportunities. Though we specialize in the construction and related trades, there are other opportunities available. Clients who are enrolled in the PVJOBS Core Program are eligible for a variety of services, including direct aid for tools, clothing, union initiation fees, travel, and much more.



For more information, please call our offices at 323.432.3955.

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