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PVJOBS For Employers


This form is only for existing clients whose names are already part of the PVJOBS database. If your name is not already in the PVJOBS database, completion and submission of this form DOES NOT constitute enrollment as a client. If you are not an existing client and you wish to enroll, follow this link for an explanation of how to enroll: http://pvjobs.org/programs/index.asp. You may also call (323) 432-3955 for information on becoming a client or to check if your name is already in the PVJOBS database.

 Existing Client Information Update Form

All applications in the PVJOBS database remain active for a period of two years. After two years your application status is automatically changed to inactive. Inactive applications are not eligible for referrals to work.

In order to still be considered active, you must complete and submit a "Client Information Update Form." Completion and submission of the form will renew your application for another two years and will ensure we have correct contact information in our database should we have a job referral for you. This form should be used by existing PVJOBS clients anytime there are contact information changes such as a change of address or a new telephone number.

To update your existing client status, click here.