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About Us Philosophy & At-Risk Factors

PVJOBS Philosphy & At-Risk Factors

PVJOBS strives to serve as a national model for others who wish to unite the forces of government, private enterprise and organized labor to heal the wounds of the at-risk members of our society through education and sustained, meaningful employment.

We believe the path to client recovery and self-sufficiency requires personal commitment, having marketable skills and earning a living wage. To help accomplish this, PVJOBS provides a job-opportunity referral program that links at-risk individuals receiving supportive services from local community-based organizations with jobs in construction-related trades and other employment. This network offers resources and opportunities necessary for at-risk individuals to become successful.

Taking personal responsibility means an individual is accountable for his or her words and actions. This is a necessary component in developing integrity and self-esteem. The success of PVJOBS and its candidates relies on the genuine effort of the referring community-based organization, participating contractors and the individual participant.

PVJOBS provides opportunities to those at greatest risk. Access to job referrals is based on the total risk factor, which is the number of at-risk conditions present at the time of application. At-risk clients include those persons who have any one of the following characteristics at the time of program enrollment:


Whenever possible, priority consideration is given to the client with the greatest number of at-risk factors.


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