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About Us Overview

PVJOBS About Us Overview

Mission Statement: PVJOBS works to place at-risk and disadvantaged youth, adults and veterans in career-track employment in the construction and other industries. We advocate and serve as a national model for job programs which assist this target population.

Values: We are driven by our cause of helping the at-risk community, veterans and youth achieve economic independence.

We believe that our participants can develop lifelong careers, enabling them to lead self-sufficient lives. We respect our participants as individuals who have the ability to reach their fullest potential.

We believe our veterans are valued citizens who can make a positive contribution in our communities.

We value our staff and their commitment to our mission.

We value our community, labor and business partners who help us source, train and place qualified workers.

We support a society that takes responsiblity for the future welfare of our communities.

PVJOBS Founding Board: 2013 Visionaries of the Year

PVJOBS is a nonprofit corporation that was formed in 1998 to fulfill a Los Angeles City Council mandate to provide at-risk residents with construction job opportunities at the Playa Vista development site. Over the years, PVJOBS has become a national leader for job programs serving the at-risk community. Today, PVJOBS maintains contracts with numerous development projects throughout greater Los Angeles.

More than 100 community-based organizations have partnered with PVJOBS to refer disadvantaged individuals to the job program. Once these individuals visit PVJOBS, their profiles are stored in a database so they can be notified about upcoming job training and career opportunities.

PVJOBS assists job candidates in union entry preparation since most of their employment opportunities come from construction projects that are union affiliated. The Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building Trades Council and the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters are working with PVJOBS in this effort. Paying union initiation fees and first month dues, special tools or clothing can be an employment barrier for some individuals. So PVJOBS makes supportive services available to help job candidates cover these costs.

Since the goal of PVJOBS is to provide career-track employment opportunities, the job program is committed to supplying a minimum of 3000 hours of work to each worker. This is accomplished by re-referring PVJOBS workers to similar trade work once they have completed employment contracts or have been laid off. Also, construction companies often retain PVJOBS workers to work at other project assignments.

PVJOBS has nearly 14,000 active job-ready candidates in their database. To date, PVJOBS has filled more than 4,500 positions and have maintained a retention rate of 87%.

PVJOBS Brochure (English) [PDF: 2.9MB]

PVJOBS Brochure (Spanish) [PDF: 3MB]

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