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About Us Current Construction Projects

PVJOBS Current Construction Projects

Playa Vista

Los Angeles living.PVJOBS was originally formed to fulfill a commitment by Playa Vista, the first new community to be established on the Westside of Los Angeles in more than 50 years. Playa Vista is a 1087-acre mixed use development in West Los Angeles. When complete, over 13,000 residential units and over 5 million square feet of commercial space will be built, as well as 340 acres of restored wetlands and uplands habitat. Construction is ongoing.

single-family homes, town homes, condominiums and urban-style lofts, Playa VistaThe Developers of this much acclaimed project, Playa Capital Company LLC, have committed 10% of all construction labor to PVJOBS program clients. The commitment is calculated by hours, and all developers and contractors cooperate in this effort. Over 965,000 PVJOBS client man hours have been spent on the project to date, resulting in a 12.7% overall at-risk employment attainment.

For more information about Playa Vista, please visit www.playavista.com.

Los Angeles Community College District

The nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District serve about 250,000 students annually. Overall, the District covers 882 square miles and serves 36 cities. The LACCD also is a leader in environmentally responsible construction. Thanks to its $6 billion Sustainable Building Program*, the LACCD is modernizing its colleges and building about 85 new structures District-wide that will meet LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. In addition, the LACCD is generating solar power on its campuses and taking other steps to reduce the colleges' carbon footprint.

The LACCD has committed to several initiatives that serve the community in this modernization process: LACCD Jobs, a program connecting the local and at-risk community with construction trade opportunities created as a result of bond construction; LACCD Interns, a program connecting students with paid professional internships created as a result of bond construction; and e7 Architecture Studio, a program using students of the District as front-line staff to produce bond related architectural graphics, GIS mapping, BIM modeling, "Green Kiosks", and other digital services. All these programs are operated by PVJOBS.

For more information about the LACCD's construction efforts, visit http://www.build-laccd.org/.

The $6 billion total largely comes from three voter-approved measures: Proposition A: $1.245 billion; Proposition AA: $980 million; Measure J: $3.5 billion



In 2008, the Community Development Agency of the City of Los Angeles committed to the "CRA/LA Construction Careers and Project Stabilization Policy", and a "Local Hire Program" to create career-path employment opportunities for local and at-risk residents of Los Angeles. The CRA/LA policy and program require covered projects to attain a 30% local and 10% disadvantaged worker requirement, as well as a local apprentice requirement.

PVJOBS assisted in the development of the policy, which resulted in a Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) and a program that serves non-PSA covered projects. PVJOBS is currently serving over a dozen CRA/LA projects with workforce development needs to fill the PSA and program requirements.

For more information about the CRA/LA policy visit http://www.crala.org/, and click on "Policies".


Other Projects

PVJOBS has successfully advocated to and served many other projects in its 12-year history.

The Los Angeles Department of Public Works constructed a new underground sewer system from upper east L.A. to the west side of L.A. in which they committed to a 40% local and 10% at-risk hiring goal. To minimize disruption, tunnels were bored at depths of up to 100 feet or more and sewer sections of up to 20 feet in diameter were installed. The 27-mile tunneling and sewer installation project took years to complete and required specialized miner training. PVJOBS coordinated workforce development support.

Trammel Crow Company committed to a 10% set-aside for the at-risk on the Century City project "2000 Avenue of the Stars" (a twin 15-story commercial high rise to replace the Shubert Theater). PVJOBS coordinated at-risk placement and compliance.

The Port of Los Angeles constructed a $300 million terminal expansion and committed to a 5% at-risk goal in their PLA. PVJOBS assisted in outreach for this effort.

And, PVJOBS also provides clients and services to other projects which have their own internal programs such as the MTA's Expo Light Rail. Many projects are currently in negotiation or have yet to begin.



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